Harmony of Rakı and Desserts
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They might sound like they have nothing to do with each other. Talking about rakı and desserts, of course, they're both the things we like to enjoy occasionally. Being a feast itself, rakı table is a celebration that starts with the first sip and ends with the last bite of dessert. Everything in between is an expectation, which is always quite amusing. You see a fast circulation around your rakı table; new mezze plates come in when empty plates go out. When you're already enjoying a deep conversation, you suddenly realize how tasty and balanced all the food has been. That is because a rakı table is constructed from harmonized elements. 

​Rakı and Sweet Notes

Thinking about all the things in the rakı ritual, the sweet part of the whole night isn't kept for the final moment. Yes, the dessert that comes at the end leaves you mesmerized but we do have sweet elements on the table, throughout the night. For example; rakı tables are not complete without some cheese. Most picked one is white cheese, which is traditionally served together with slices of melon. Melon is a sweet and juicy fruit and it's very common to have a small piece of both in the same bite to balance the saltiness of the cheese. There is even a saying that goes like ''on a rakı table if white cheese the king, the melon is its queen''. In traditional meyhanes, melons that were picked during the summer put in nets and hanged down from the ceiling to store; so there would be melon all year round. If you're reading this article on a hot summer day, here's a chance to taste the harmony of these two: Head over to this recipe​ and make yourself a melon sorbet.

Every Restaurant Has Its Favorites

How does it work for restaurants? Restaurants, depending on what they serve, change things up a little bit while serving mezzes and desserts because they want everything to be in harmony with their main course. If you're enjoying rakı at a fish restaurant, you're more likely to be served baked halva. However, meat restaurants take their pick on different types of halva; sweetened by lemon, pistachios or tahini. Traditionally served, pumpkin dessert decorated with walnuts or tahini is a great pick too because it's also rich in fiber and blends well with overall tastes on the rakı table. 

Choice of R​akı

​Depending on the grapes used and the process of making rakı, some types of rakı go better with sweet notes. For example, Tekirdağ Rakısı Gold Series is a perfect match with desserts. Made out 100% fresh grapes, Tekirdağ Rakısı Gold Series is matured in oak barrels; which gives its rich taste and golden color. Tekirdağ Rakısı Gold Series can be enjoyed with desserts only as well as on a crowded rakı table. Click here to see where you can grab a bottle and get ready to unrush.

Bonus Dessert: Yes, all this was about eating desserts next to rakı rakı, but let's modernize a few traditions. It's a cake with a rakı twist. Head over to this Blueberry Cake Recipe ​to learn how to prepare it and serve it at your next gathering. You won't be disappointed and you will even be applauded for trying something new and fresh.

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