The Perfect Menu For Yeni Rakı Masters' Blend
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​​​​​​All Yeni Rakı products suit different menus and different occasions.​ Some of them are perfect for having along with meat dishes and some of them will make you feel complete when you are having a seafood menu. Yeni Rakı Master's Blend produced with a combination of Yeni Rakı, Yeni Rakı Yeni Seri and Yeni Rakı Ala at a certain percentage by Yeni Rakı, which stands as the definition of rakı by itself; the aromatic flavor or Yeni Rakı Ala, matured in oak barrels and the smooth taste of the first aniseed harvest of Yeni Rakı Yeni Seri. Yeni Rakı Master's Blend is brewed at least 30 days for its mellow aroma and perfectly matches with cold mezzes and fish dishes. 

Create Your Menu Step by Step

Now it is time to create the perfect menu for Yeni Rakı Master's Blend. The perfect rakı & fish night starts some delicious warm appetizers and cold mezzes. We have a couple of suggestions that you can choose from.

When you say rakı and fish everyone expects some fried calamari as a mezze ​on the table. Make them as crunchy as possible on the outside and serve with the traditional sauce. Watch below recipe carefully and start cooking. 


A warm appetizer is enough if you are cooking for a few. In case you want a crowded table just prepare four or five different cold mezzes that complete a fish menu. Haydari, mashed broad beans, and mashed eggplant are the staples for every rakı table. Be adventurous and try different tastes like veggie tahini lentils, Meditteranean quinoa salad or if you want to go a little bit further try the rakı and oysters. Do not worry, all cold mezzes will be a hit along with this menu.

Which Fish and How to Cook It​

Cooking fish is a little bit of a challenge so you have to get freshest ones. Here is a list of winter fishes ​​that you can get and cook in colder months. Decide which fish do you want to cook for the night? Good. But don't know which method you should cook? That's fine also. We can give you a hand​ful of recipes that consists of different cooking methods for fish as the main course. 

  • Zander fish is a summer fish and very popular in Austria and its' neighbor countries. It does not have to be a zander fish, this recipe is perfect for any fish if you want to fry it.
  • Steaming is another alternative for a fish and you can't go wrong if you prepare some steamed sardine.
  • Are you a fan of fish and chips? Then you already know how delicious the codfish is. Maybe you don't want to deal with the frying process, also it is a healthier option since it is an oven dish.
  • Basses are huge fishes and the best way to cook them is grilling. Here is a grilled whole fish recipe that is very convenient for those never tried before.
  • Mackerel is one of the winter fishes and tasty as it is. But in this recipe the way its cook is unusual because it is stuffed​ like if it is a turkey or a chicken. The filling that you prepare is easy to make but unique at the same time.​
Yeni Rakı Master's Blend will complete a menu like this like no other can. Make your shopping list, call your friends and order your rakı right now.​

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