Choosing Fish For Your Rakı Table
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​​​Some duos made for each other and when you heard one the other comes to your mind immediately, like rakı & fish. For centuries the harmony of rakı and fish resembles a perfect night nearby sea where you can eat some seafood as its freshest form. 

There are so many different cooking methods for fishes but the most popular versions are generally grilling, brining and frying. These all for having fish as a main course but of course there are plenty of mezze alternatives consists of fish or generally seafood which sometimes serve cold. If you are the chef of the night plan your menu carefully since you can't mix the seafood menu with a juicy meat menu.

Let's make an example menu for a rakı night in with the on season fishes only. As a starter, you can prepare a fish soup full of vegetables and seafood. The head of a surmullet is ideal for soups and it is really rich in terms of Omega 3 and fish oil.

If you are having fish as a main course but not sure that your guests like fish or not​, go for a haddock. Haddock knowns as the chicken fish because of the similar taste. The best choice of those who are not that into fish. Also, it goes perfectly with green salads, especially with some rockets.

Maybe your guests appreciate a good fish then get some bass, bluefish or a large bluefish. They are all huge fishes and really delicious as grilled. The only difference that bass is not as fatty as the bluefish and large bluefish.

In case you want to have a fried alternative get some turbot. But keep in mind you can always boil, steam, grill or even cook the turbot in ashes as a whole. Maybe you are a fan of bite-size alternatives, so anchovies are the fish for you. The most common ways of preparation are frying, carpaccio and brining.

Cod is also a fish of winter and really famous because it is the central ingredient in traditional English fish and chips. Create a new tradition and this time have some Yeni Rakı along. 

What about some mezze options? Mackerel usually lives in the warm and high seas. 'Çiroz', the dried version of mackerel, is one of the most special and well-known mezze at Yeni Rakı tables. Also, you can prepare a warm and easy to mezze with horse mackerel​ without picking the bones out of the fish process. Make a fillet, dredge in flour and fry both sides. ​

Now you are ready to order the Yeni Rakı which will suit a menu like this; Yeni Rakı Master's Blend. Yeni Rakı Master's Blend produced with a combination of Yeni Rakı, Yeni Rakı Yeni Seri and Yeni Rakı Ala at a certain percentage by Yeni Rakı Masters. It offers a perfect balance of the traditional taste of Yeni Rakı, which stands as the definition of rakı by itself; the aromatic flavor of Yeni Rakı Ala, matured in oak barrels. Yeni Rakı Master's Blend is brewed at least 30 days for its mellow aroma and perfectly matches with cold mezzes and fish dishes.

Not in the mood to cook but really crave a menu like this? Then here are some Yeni Rakı restaurants which are serving delicious fish and seafood dishes.

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