FoodieBackpacker: How I Unrushed My World in Asia
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​Following up with our friend Foodie Backpacker we bring you an update on his latest travels through Asia and his quest to take things slow.

“Since I've started my journey as FoodieBackpacker, day by day I am learning not to hurry, to enjoy my time, to unrush my world.

After travelling and cooking around Europe for 20 months, it was time for me to see, to experience something different. It was time to explore Asia. I knew that it was going to be something completely different than my previous trips, so I had to make the best out of it.

First Stop was Hong Kong

My first stop was Hong Kong. There surely are main attractions such as the peak, the symphony of lights, the longest outdoor covered escalator system of the world and Buddha statue, but I also enjoyed my time watching the skyline in less busy hours and walking in the crazy streets of Hong Kong on a silent Sunday morning in the non-touristic neighbourhoods.

Second Stop was Cambodia

Second stop was Cambodia. Siem Reap is another world with Angkor Wat and all the temples. The area amazes and takes you in with history and spirituality. Instead of rushing in the temples area and checking out only the mainstream ones, I've spent 2 days exploring and save time to see the small temples in the jungle. In some of them, I was the only one visiting which was a big experience itself.

Sihanoukville is the seaside city I've visited in Cambodia. Koh Rong is known as a party island of the area, but so few would mention about sailing to the back of the island to find one of the most amazing beaches of the world and chill there till you catch one of the best sunsets ever.

You can reach to Ream National Park by car from Sihanoukville, but why wouldn't you enjoy an hour of sailing there and enjoy a couple of drinks on Titres Beach while waiting for the boat to take you there?

Last Stop was Phnom Penh

My last stop in Cambodia was the capital, Phnom Penh. There you find very posh cafes and restaurants by the riverside, but I surely chose to make long walks in the markets of the city, tasting local street food, making small chats with the locals.

After Cambodia, I've headed to Indonesia. First to Jakarta, the huge city. One can easily lose himself under the shadows of the skyscrapers or inside the huge shopping malls, but it is a city that you can find the tastes from all regions of Indonesia, so I lost myself finding the best spots to taste them all."