Baked Striped Bream with Fennel Recipe
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​​​​​The seas in Turkey are very rich in terms of fish diversity. Therefore, the delicious combination of raki, fish and salad is a mainstay of raki culture. Whatever the fish, raki is excellently suited. Here, we prepared a grilled sea bream recipe that is classy and delicious accompanist to Yeni Rakı.


4 whole striped sea bream
1 bulb of fennel
4 bay leaves
1 tbsp. of fennel seeds
1 tbsp. of course salt
Fresh ground white pepper
Extra virgin olive oil


Preheat oven to 400°. Place fish on a lightly oiled sheet pan and score diagonally on each side with 4 evenly spaced slits, about 2 1⁄2″ long and 1⁄2″ deep. Gently tuck a piece of fennel and bay leaf in each opening. Sprinkle fennel seeds, salt, and pepper inside and all over each fish. Brush each fish with olive oil and bake for five minutes, until flesh is firm. Place under broiler until skin is crispy, in around two minutes. Remove from oven and quickly transfer fish onto a large platter. Serve with grilled eggplant, Mediterranean salad and piece of lemon.

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